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Hard Drive Deguassing


Degaussing is the act of permanently erasing data from magnetic media such as Hard Drives, disks and tapes. Degaussing does not work on solid state media or drives.  


The degaussing process creates a massive, controlled and targeted magnetic field that is applied to the subject data device, rendering the data completely scrambled and the device unusable.  

For maximum destruction, both the degaussing and shredding process can be applied to the devices. The quality of the degaussing process is measured using the Tesla scale, or a gauss level.  Today’s high capacity hard drives, server drives and the like require the highest level of destruction.   

  • Cay-Shred employs the use of an industry leading degaussing device certified by the NSA (National Security Agency) and evaluated to ensure consistent destruction across a range of media types, including both longitudinally and perpendicularly recorded media.

  • NSA certified devices meet the standards of national and international security agencies including the FBI, CIA, NATO and NASA. 



Data is erased using an industry leading degaussing device certified by the NSA (National Security Agency).


Hard drive barcodes are scanned as units are degaussed. Client is provided with a list of serial numbers.


Along with the list of hard drive serial numbers, Client receives a Certification of Destruction confirming all units have been erased.


Mobile degaussing unit can be used at any office, residential or warehouse location. Clients can witness every step of the degaussing process.

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