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Document Shredding

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Not "Shredded"

Standard office shredders use straight-cut or cross-cut shredding methods that result in uniform pieces of shredded paper. 

Our commercial industrial machines use a 

punch and tear ripping process that results in 

non-uniform pieces of paper as small as dust.

The high speed cutter-heads grab the paper and rip it through specially positioned cutter heads designed to maximise the speed and security of the destruction process.

What On-Site Means

Not only do the shred trucks go to any location, but

all documents are shredded inside the truck.


Documents do not leave the service location until they have been completely destroyed.


Beyond the actual shredding process, additional security comes from being almost completely mechanical and hands off.  Once documents are put into the bin, the entire bin is tipped into a hopper inside the shred truck for immediate destruction.


In addition, the shredded paper is mixed with as much as 15,000 pounds of material from other clients and locations for maximum security.


Because the documents are shredded on-site,

clients can witness every step of the destruction process from beginning to end.

Certification of Destruction is provided for every shredding service.


Shredding services are available throughout Grand Cayman and can often be scheduled within hours of a request for service.


Clients' documents are destroyed quickly and efficiently on whatever schedule best suits their needs. The destroyed material is then taken away and disposed of by Cay-Shred.


Standard Shredding

Our custom mobile shred unit can process 7,000 pounds per hour using punch-and-tear shredding. 


Your documents are securely shredded using a hands-off process and the resulting waste is combined with other material in the truck for added security.



High Security Shredding

For additional security, our state-of-the-art mobile trucks can switch to High Security Mode at the touch of a button, passing the initially shredded paper through a second cutter head. 


This second shredding process reduces the resulting material size significantly, for maximum security.

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Tour a Shred Truck

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What can be Shredded

Shred Items
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